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The largest community of Fulbright Alumni in the world.

The Fulbright Association, with its thousands of individual, organizational and university members, continues the Fulbright experience by promoting opportunities for lifelong learning, collaborative networking and service at home and abroad.


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A Global Network

Join thousands of colleagues in the world’s largest community of Fulbright alumni and supporters of the program. 
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Local Chapters

We have more than 60 local chapters across the USA, which provide local programming and events throughout the year.
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Events & Programs

Each year, the Fulbright Association and its chapters host more than 230 events and programs locally, nationally and internationally.
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Working to help preserve and promote Fulbright for generations to come, providing education and support for the program.
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What’s Happening at Fulbright

Our Fulbright experiences changed our lives. The Fulbright Association makes it a lifelong experience to stay engaged with Fulbrighters, give back through service and mentoring and continue our commitment to cultural understanding.

With your help, we can accomplish even more to secure the program’s future, including:
•  Increase awareness of the Fulbright effect among legislators, media & the public
•  Broaden our alumni service programs, helping more people & communities
Offer scholarships to engage young alumni & youth in programs for cultural understanding
Expand experiential events & enrichment for alumni, visiting Fulbrighters & future generations – and more

You know the difference the Fulbright experience makes in people’s lives around the globe and the importance of securing the Fulbright Program. Today, the need for cultural understanding is vast. And the Fulbright voice is vitally important during these uncertain times of global conflict and shrinking budgets for cultural exchanges.

The Fulbright Association is committed to advocating for the program in Washington, DC and around the world as a visible, vocal champion for its importance and impact. We keep alumni connected in ways that matter and through programs that showcase the power of Fulbright. Our work is made possible through generous contributions from Fulbrighters and friends of cultural exchange.

The Fulbright Association asks you to show your enduring passion for cultural diplomacy and mutual understanding. Fund It Forward to show your support today.

Thank you for advancing the Fulbright legacy & connecting Fulbrighters in ways that matter! 

Harriet Fulbright & John Vogel

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With more than 50 Nobel Prize Winners, 30 Heads of State, 80 Pulitzers and thousands of leaders in every professional field across the world, Fulbright alumni comprise one of the world’s most accomplished and engaging communities who share a passion for cultural understanding, peace and diplomacy across the globe.

More than 350,000 alumni from 155 countries have participated in the Fulbright program since its inception in 1946. Each year, over 8,000 grantees experience the power of Fulbright.

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Fulbright Stories From Around the Globe

Fulbright Alumni Urge Congress to Support FY16 Funding for Fulbright Scholarships & International Exchanges

Support Strong Fulbright & International Exchange Appropriation Funding in FY16 Omnibus Bill Write Your Members of Congress Now!! Congress is working on an FY16 Omnibus Bill to fund the federal government past December 11, when the Continuing Resolution (CR) currently […]
EnvisionFulbright: Suzanne Tierney Gives Back in the Dominican Republic

EnvisionFulbright: Suzanne Tierney Gives Back in the Dominican Republic

For nine days in August, Fulbright Alumnus Suzanne Tierney of the Greater Pudget Sound chapter made a difference in the Dominican Republic through an EnvisionFulbright service trip. Suzanne accompanied a group of sixteen student volunteers and seven medical professionals on […]
TEDxFulbright Spotlight: Dolph Lundgren

TEDxFulbright Spotlight: Dolph Lundgren

Dolph Lundgren to headline TEDxFulbright The Fulbright Association is thrilled to announce this very special TEDxFulbright speaker: Dolph Lundgren who will be on stage in Los Angeles this September. Mr. Lundgren is the epitome of the action hero, appearing in […]

A Quote From Senator Fulbright

The Fulbright Program aims to bring a little more knowledge, a little more reason and a little more compassion into world affairs and thereby to increase the chance that nations will learn at last to live in peace and friendship. - Senator J. William Fulbright